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  Lincoln Wear-Ever Cookware with Hard Coat

Lincoln Wear-Ever Commercial Cookware
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The ultimate combination of heat conductivity and warp resistance

In today's commercial kitchens, time is money.  So chefs require a fry pan that will withstand high-heat cooking applications and is ready to sauté or braise at a moment's notice.  Accomplishing this task, Lincoln's New Wear-Ever® HardCoat fry pans feature a black hard anodized surface that retains the flexibility and even heating features of aluminum while providing a more durable, resilient finish that resists warping.  This hardened surface is achieved by a unique electro-chemical bonding process that unites the anodized surface with the aluminum base, creating a non-porous, non-reactive surface that is 30% harder than stainless steel.  The HardCoat fry pan also locks in precise temperatures, providing an even, reliable cooking surface for all types of food.
Model No. Description Case Wight Lbs. Case Cube Case Pack View Prices
H4007 7" Fry pan, Hard coat, Black Anodized 6.8 .27 6  
H4008 8" Fry pan, HardCoat, Black Anodized 8.7 0.43 6  
H4010 10" Fry Pan, HardCoat, Black Anodized 13.88 .30 6  
H4012 12" Fry Pan, hardCoat, Black Anodized 8.14 0.61 2  
H4014 14" Fry Pan, HardCoat, Black anodized 11.24 0.97 2  

What is HardCoat

HardCoat is a surface-hardening application achieved through a unique electro-chemical bonding process.  The aluminum is united with the anodized surface to create a hardened, non-porous and non-reactive surface.  The anodizing process causes a natural reaction between the aluminum and the chemicals called oxidation, a process which occurs spontaneously in nature.  During this process, the product is dipped in a large vat of chemicals and then electrically charged, resulting in the ultimate combination of heat conductivity and warp resistance.

Improved Warp Resistance

The HardCoat surface slows the expansion rate of aluminum by 5 times and increases the melting point by 30%.  This combination provides superior warp resistance over natural aluminum, even when exposed to higher heat conditions. 

To test this theory, we subjected a natural aluminum and HardCoat pan to severe heating and cooling conditions.  Both pans were tested by heating , on a high flame setting, to a surface temperature of 650-700ºF and then submerged in cold water at 60-65ºF.  We repeated this cycle 45 times, which resulted in a severely warped natural aluminum pan and a minimally warped HardCoat pan (as shown in the photo left)

Results after 45 cycles of warp test

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