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Norman Dvorson in San FranciscoDvorson's Food Service Equipment was founded in 1953 by Mel Dvorson in San Francisco, California. Mel's dad, Norman Dvorson, had a shoe store at 1010 Mission Street, South of Market in San Francisco. When Mel got out of the Service, he was able to access Army-Navy surplus merchandise. So the shoe store was converted, selling everything from bunk beds and paint, to boots and Eisenhower jackets. The prize materials, however, were the Army-Navy food service items, like stainless steel pots and pans, and china ware. Ultimately, Mel transformed the store and entered the Food Service Equipment Industry. We've just begun our 70th year equipping kitchens worldwide.

Mel in the ServiceCelebrating 70 Years in the Food Service IndustryMel's son, Josh Dvorson, began working in the business at age six when responsibilities included dusting glassware and china samples, and being lifted upside down into new Rubbermaid 55 gallon Brutes by Dvorson's staff.  In 1987, Josh came on board full time and in 1988 Dvorson's moved on up to 1366 Mission Street.  In 1997, Dave Harsey, one of Josh's roommates at University of Oregon, was working developing websites in Japan and provided the timely emergence of Dvorsons.com. This was an exciting transition as was when Josh’s wife, Gina Spindler, came on board in 2001.  Internet business was blooming. In 2003 we crossed the Golden Gate Bridge to beautiful Sausalito in Marin County, setting up headquarters at the historic Industrial Center Building.  This move marked new collaboration at the helm as Josh and Gina began guiding the voyage.  In 2020, we relocated to Schoonmaker Marina — Dvorson’s 4.0!

From Alaska to Antarctica, Dvorson's Ships WorldwideOwners Gina Spindler and Josh Dvorson, 2022
In 1997, when Dvorson's F.S.E. went online, we began giving thanks to the Internet for an enhanced connection to the world. We started pushing pins in a map of the US and on a World map designating our Internet sale destinations. We celebrated when we got all 50 states. We gave up the domestic pinning after a few thousand (the cost of the pins was killing our margins!) but we still pin the international sales to date. We savor the distant shipments, like Wolf Stoves to Antarctica (where they have to heat the incoming propane so it won't freeze), but we're also proud of local clients like FishHeath Ceramics and Seafood Peddler here in Sausalito.
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Welcome to the Dvorson's Gallery Video  Wolfstoves.com Photo Gallery
Mel Dvorson, founder.
Mel established Dvorson's F.S.E in 1953.
Here's our proud founder beside his '51 Olds Rocket 88.
Mission Street Location
Mission Street
San Francisco Location 1988-2003
Dvorson's Employees
Dvorson’s F.S.E. Crew, Mission Street San Francisco, 2001
Jade Equipped Kitchens
Another beautiful gourmet professional kitchen equipped by Dvorson's
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Sausalito Showroom
Dvorson's showroom at the Industrial Center Building (2003-2020)
Sausalito, California
Dvorsons Teams up with Richard Simmons
Josh and Gina on the set of Richard Simmon's Dream Maker
Watch the show! (see below)

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Wolf Logo
Josh Dvorson gives away Wolf Equipment
Josh & Gina team up with Richard Simmons to make Teri & Bob Wortley's
dream of new Wolf stoves for the Ark Restaurant in Forest Falls, CA come true.
(L-R) Josh, Gina, Teri & Bob Wortley

Official Wolf Sailing Team
The Wolf Racing Team
Hailing from the Sausalito Yacht Harbor in Sausalito, California.

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