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Wells Ventless Cooking Systems

Ventless Cooking Systems + Filters and Accessories
Download Wells warranty as PDF Wells Mfg. Warranty Policy

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Note: For use with Electric Cooking Equipment Only

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Universal Ventless Hood, 96 inch
Model #: WVU-96 Order Now
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Manufacturer: Wells
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Spec Sheets: View Specifications Specifications Sheet | Warranty Policy | Wells Ventless Brochure

Made in USAUL certificationNSF certified for commercial use
Features + Configuration
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Universal Ventless Hood
Electrical: 208/240V, NEMA 6-15R plug cordset

 Owner's Manual for WVU48 and WVU96 | Video Demonstration »

Completely self-contained, 3-stage filtration system
Completely self-contained fire protections system -- now accessible from the front

Very quiet with only 68 dBA average

Interlock system will disable cooking appliances if filters are missing, clogged or in the event of a fire
Airflow sensors continually monitor airflow for optimizing performance and grease removal
Illuminated early-warning system to monitor filter replacement
Completely self-contained filtration process reduces emissions below that allowed in NFPA 96 and ANSI UL710B using the EPA 202 test method
Two LED lights producing 990 lumens for improved visibilitylight color temperature (cool white)
Stainless steel construction for strength, durability and ease of cleaning
Fits through a 36" wide door opening
6" to 8" adjustable legs (adjustable by 2" for leveling)
Universal systems are movable making them ideal for leased properties
Available in 208/240V, 1 phase electrical.
Limited two-year parts and one year labor warranty

Wells Universal hoods are Certified Type-1 compliant, UL710B approved recirculation hood systems and feature completely self-contained air filtration and fire-suppression systems.
They do not require venting outside making it possible to cook in non-traditional locations or when traditional Type-1 hoods and duct-work are impractical, restricted or too expensive.
Operators may use electric cooking equipment under the hood, including a fryer, griddle, hot plate and more - providing greater flexibility and through - put.

Fire Protection -- Completely self contained ANSUL® R-102 system includes ANSUL® tank, nitrogen cartridge, ANSUL® sopanifier, piping, heat sensors, ANSUL® drops, nozzles, and movable manual pull station.
Manual pull can be relocated to the egress position or an additional station can be added by an authorized ANSUL® representative.
Fire protection system meets NFPA 96 Chapter 13.
Fire protection system must be charged and certified by ANSUL Authorized distributor after installation and before first use (operators responsibility).
Filtration -- Completely self-contained filtration process reduces emissions below that allowed in NFPA 96 and ANSI UL710B using the EPA 202 test method and includes stainless steel grease baffle filter with grease cup, HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filter/ carbon-charcoal filter pack.
All filters are easily removable with out tools.
Air flow sensors continually monitor air flow optimizing performance and grease removal while an interlock system will not allow cooking appliances to function if filters are missing, clogged or in the event of a fire.

Cooking Appliances -- Only electrically heated appliances are acceptable for installation.
Cooking equipment is optional from Wells or other manufacturers.
Appliances must be installed as per manufacturers instructions and controlled thru the hood equipment shut-off interface through a customer supplied contractor which will disable cooking equipment in the event of fire or hood malfunction.
For size, temperature and KW limits see back page or manual.
Exhaust and Air Flow -- Exhaust air is vertical discharge.
Typical airflow is 800 CFM. A minimum of 400 cubic feet of fresh air per minute is recommended both in and out of the cooking area to ensure the dilution of cooking aromas.

Please Note: A Full set of filters are included with all Wells Ventless Equipment

A complete set of filters are included with all new units. Please contact us for optional features and accessories for any Wells cooking equipment or ventless hooded system. UID/IUID labels are available for all new equipment upon request and prior arrangement.

Please Note: Wells Ventless Cooking Systems (and Wells Ventless Universal models) are for use in conjuction with electrical cooking equipment only.
One year full warranty on parts and labor.
Free Shipping on all Ventless Systems
Features of the Wells Ventless Hood System
  • Ventless Hood System exceeds EPA Standard 202 for the release of particulate matter.
  • InterLock System continually monitors airflow through the filtration system, optimizing performance and grease removal
  • Ansul R-102 Fire Suppression Sytem is built into the ventless hood to provide ultimate protection.
  • Shatter-resistant interior light for improved visibility.
  • FREE SHIPPING! (to the Contiguous United States only)
  • Getting Started: Wells Ventless System Check List (PDF) »
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Ventless System Operation
Free Shipping Lease to Own
Free Shipping on all Ventless Hood Cooking Systems from Wells
  • Self-venting
  • High efficiency air filtration system
  • User friendly oil filtration system
  • NSF approved
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Accessories, Parts and Replacement Filters
Item # Description Ship Weight Price
Wells OEM Filters and Accessories for Wells Universal Ventless units (WVU-24, WVU-48, WVU-96 models)
HEPA Charcoal Filter for Wells model #'s WVU-24 or WVU-26, WVU-1 only

DVW-5004 filter

- $1,344.00
Pre-Filter for Wells model #'s WVU-31CT, WVU-48 , WVU-72, or WVU-96

Pre Filter for Wells Ventless Universal 48 and 96 Systems

3 lbs $158.00
HEPA Charcoal Filter for Wells model # WVU-31CT only

WVU-31CT Filter
- $1,344.00
HEPA Charcoal Filter for Wells model # WVU-48 or WVU-96 only


- $1,506.00
HEPA Charcoal Filter for Wells model # WVU-72 only (no image available)

- $1,344.00
Orders may be placed by phone (1-877-386-7766), online shopping cart, or secure order form.
Wells OEM Filters and Accessories for Ventless/VCS 2000 series Combination Cooking Center Systems

Wells Ventless System Filter
VCS 2000 series HEPA Filter: High-efficiency and carbon filters for all combination systems

12 lbs $1,209.00
Pre Filter for Wells Ventless Systems
VCS 2000 series Fire Rated Pre-Filter: Fits all Wells Ventless Combination Cooking Systems Models (for VCS 2000 models by Wells)

3 lbs $158.00
Baffle filter for Wells Ventless Systems
VCS 2000 series Baffle Filter: Fits Wells Ventless Combination Cooking Systems Models (for VCS 2000 models by Wells), Stainless Steel, Washable.

DVW-2649 Rear Leg Kit, 2 rear legs to be used when a remote fire pull is installed 5 lbs Please Call
DVW-2650 Caster Kit, 2 swivel casters w/brakes to replace front legs
(where remote fire pull station is not required)
6 lbs Please Call
DVW-1376 Oven Rack for WVOC models 4 lbs Please Call
Call to order: 1-877-386-7766
Wells OEM Filters and Accessories for Wells Ventless Fryers
IMPORTANT: Not all Wells Ventless Fryers use these Fryer Filters.
Some use the standard WVU filters (both kinds), shown above.
If you're not sure which filters to order, please record your model and serial number and call us to verify (1-877-386-7766). Returns/Exchanges have a 30% restock fee, plus shipping, so please call us to help you get the correct filters.
DVW-5008 HEPA filter for Wells Ventless FryersHigh-Efficiency Filter for Wells Ventless Fryer (HEPA)
Dimensions: 19-3/8" x 15-1/2" x 4"

10 $770.00
DVW-5009 Pre Filter charcoal filter for Wells Ventless FryersCharcoal Filter pre-filter for Wells Ventless Fryer

5 $729.00
DVW-2410 Flavor Savor oil filter powder, 45 packs 16 lbs Please Call
DVW-2692 Rear leg kit, 2 rear legs used when fire pull is installed (WVPE,WVAE) 4 lbs Please Call
DVW-1711 Oil filter paper, 15" x 20", 100 per pack (WVPE30F & WVAE30F) 4 lbs Please Call
DVW-2205 Oil filter paper, 15" x 32", 100 per pack (WVAE-55F/FS) 6 lbs Please Call
DVW-2913 Full-size basket (WVAE-55F/FS)

  Please Call
DVW-2796* Half-size basket (WVAE-55F/FS) - *Discontinued Item 6 lbs N/A
DVW-2516 Frypot cleaning brush   Please Call
DVW-2647 Heating element cleaning brush   Please Call
DVW-2515 Chicken stirring paddle 2 Please Call
Orders may be placed by phone (1-877-386-7766) or online shopping cart. Please contact us for Assistance or parts verification.