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Stainless Steel Kitchen Products
Stainless Steel Care and Maintenance

Learn how to take care of Stainless Steel Kitchen Products by following these simple guidelines

stainless steel cylinder
Stainless Steel is a marvelous material: strong, lustrous and low maintenance. With a
minimum of care, it will normally retain its beauty and durability for the life of the
equipment. In some applications, however, special care is required in order to maintain
stainless steel's special properties.

External components, such as cabinets and control panels, are finished with a grain
pattern. This pleasing finish is best maintained by cleaning with a non-abrasive
cleanser applied with a soft cloth. Rub only in the direction of the grain. In the absence
of visible grain, rub only along the longest axis of the appliance.

Restore stainless steel's luster by applying a polish specifically made for stainless steel.
Spray on, wipe off with a soft cloth, rubbing in the direction of the grain.

Never use metal implements, wire brushes, abrasive scratch pads or steel wool to clean stainless steel.

Warmer pans, insets and other vessels are subject to a harsher environment.
Companies such as Wells Manufacturing use a very high quality stainless steel (#304DDQ) for their food
warmer pans. Even the highest quality stainless steel, however, is mostly iron, and will rust, pit
and corrode under the following conditions:

Poor Water Quality:
Hard water (water with a high content of dissolved minerals)
will leave mineral deposits when allowed to dry. Calcium (lime) can buildup on
heated surfaces, even under water. If left unattended , hard water spots and lime
buildup can lead to rusting , corrosion and pitting.

Contact with Chlorides: Chlorides (specific compounds of chlorine) are found in
food, table salt and many cleansers. Chlorides can attack the surface of stainless
steel, resulting in corrosion and pitting.

Remember to keep your stainless steel warmers and similar equipment clean and free from calcium buildup.

Use alkaline, alkaline chlorinated or non-chloride cleanser.
Use citric acid-based cleaners to remove calcium deposits.

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Source: North American Association of Food Equipment Manufacturers (NAFEM) Chicago, Illinois