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West Bend Coffee Equipment at Dvorson's West Bend Large Capacity Coffee Makers
Classic Model 33600 Now Available! | Export Models Also Available in 220/240V

Striving to "Urn" your business, we'll brew solutions to all your coffee & drink needs. With these coffee urns you can brew 12-100 Cups, choose the model right for your gathering. Capacity based on 5 Oz. Cups. See Coffee Urn FAQ's ›

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Stainless Steel Model UrnsOur Next Generation in Stainless Steel coffee makers offer innovative style and benefits.

The new West Bend Coffee Urns offer the latest in coffee-making design and function. New mass heating technology and shower head design offer superior performance.

The double-walled, brushed stainless steel walls keep heat in longer, and conceal smudges and fingerprints that other coffeemakers show. The hands-free, no-drip dispenser is perfect for filling a single cup or a whole carafe.

Automatic keep-warm feature, triggered after brewing is complete, will keep coffee hot for hours. Brew & Warm indicator lights. These modern coffee urns are perfect for the break room, catered events, or large gatherings.

Fast Brew-Times on all Models

55 cups (model # 13550 West Bend Urn)
Brew-time is less than 45 minutes. 120 Volt.
NSF certified model
Size (inches): 12.50 x 12.30 x 16.90
$159.00 with Free Shipping

42 cups
(model # 57042 West Bend Urn)
Brew-time is less than 45 minutes. 120 Volt.
Size (inches): 13.50 x 13.50 x 17.71
$149.00 with Free Shipping

30 cups (model # 57030 West Bend Urn)
Brew-time is less than 45 minutes. 120 Volt.
Size (inches): 13.50 x 13.50 x 15.50
$119.00 with Free Shipping

Free Shipping!
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Features of all West Bend commercial Coffee Urns

  • All models brew, then keep coffee hot.
  • "Lock-On" covers help minimize accidental spillage.
  • Coffee making instructions are printed on face-plates for easy reference.
  • "Serve" light indicates completion of automatic brewing cycle.
  • All models feature either Polished stainless steel or aluminum construction for easy handling and durability

*Note: All capacities shown for Coffee Urns are based on 5 Oz. Cups

2 Year Warranty
  • Heat resistant bases and trim.
  • Two-Way dripless faucets.
  • Water level markings for easy filling.
  • Ideal for offices, churches, break rooms lounges and cafes.
  • 120 Volts, AC only; 3 prong plug on all models. Please contact us for alternate voltages and Canadian models. 1.877.86.7766 or 415.332.5840

West Bend Coffee Equipment at Dvorson's 100 Cup West Bend Coffee Urn (Commercial Coffee Maker, Export voltage model): 100 Cup - 220/240 VOLT - Made in USA

Model 58010V 220 VOLT Coffee URN
MODEL # 58010V


In Stock - Available for quick-ship or store pickup

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The 58010V polished aluminum urn is designed for buffet tables, offices, churches, break rooms, lounges and cafés. These metal urns also feature rubber feet for non-slipping, auto temperature control and a quick reference instructions panel.

Width 14-3/8 Inches
Depth 14-3/8 Inches
Height 17-7/8 Inches
Hertz 60
Voltage 220/240
Wattage 1,710 Watts
Brewer Type Urn
Capacity 100 Cup
Material Polished Aluminum
Features Visual Indicator Gauge
Insulated No
Material Polished Aluminum
NSF certified for commercial use

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*Note: All capacities shown for Coffee Urns are based on 5 Oz. Cups

Coffee Maker FAQs:
Interior discoloration : When heating water, the metal discolors. How can I clean this and why does this happen? The aluminum interior will discolor due to minerals present in water, which is normal and does not affect the coffee brewed nor does it indicate a material defect. To remove or help lighten the discoloration, fill coffee maker with water to the level of discoloration (at least to minimum cup level, but not past maximum cup level). Place stem and empty basket in place. For every 12-15 cups of water in coffee maker, add 2 teaspoons cream of tartar to basket. Secure cover in place, plug in and turn on if model has a switch. Allow to complete perk cycle, then let stand 15-20 minutes or until discoloration is lightened. Unplug, drain and allow to cool before cleaning parts as normal. Do not immerse coffee maker base in water or other liquid.

What's the size of a cup of coffee? The standard used in the coffee maker industry for a "cup" of coffee is 5 liquid ounces. To ensure a 5 ounce cup of brewed coffee, the cup markings on the coffee makers represent 5 1/2 ounces per cup as some water is absorbed by the coffee grounds and some is lost in steam during the brewing cycle.

What temperatures do coffee makers reach? Large capacity coffee makers will reach between 180-200 degrees fahrenheit at the end of the brew cycle and will keep the coffee hot for serving in about the same temperature range. If your coffee is not hot enough be sure to keep the well unit clean. If the well unit is not clean the thermostat will not sense correctly and the coffee will not be as hot as it should be.

What type of coffee should I use? Use Regular/Electric Perk ground coffee or "Coffee Ground for All Coffee makers" for best results. DO NOT USE DRIP OR FINELY GROUND COFFEE as flooding of the basket can occur. There are some coffees that state they can be used for both drop and perk coffee makers, however through our testing it was found that this is ground too fine and can cause flooding the percolator style coffee makers. As a guideline, use the following amounts of ground coffee for the number of cups being prepared. Use standard measuring cups ( as used to measure flour, sugar, etc.) to measure the coffee. The amounts of coffee below will brew mild to medium strength coffee which most people prefer.

The amount of coffee can be adjusted to suit personal preference. As a guide, there are about 5 cups of coffee to a pound (16 ounces).

  • 12 - 18 Cups Coffee = 1 - 1 1/4 Cups Grounds
  • 20 - 25 Cups Coffee = 1 1/4 - 1 1/2 Cups Grounds
  • 28 - 36 Cups Coffee = 1 1/2 - 2 Cups Grounds
  • 40 - 45 Cups Coffee = 2 - 2 1/2 Cups Grounds
  • 50 - 60 Cups Coffee = 3 - 4 Cups Grounds
  • 70 - 80 Cups Coffee = 4 1/2 - 5 Cups Grounds
  • 90 - 100 Cups Coffee = 5 1/2 - 6 1/4 Cups Grounds

Brewing Time How long does it take to make coffee? For 12 to 45 cups allow about 1 minute per cup. For 50 to 100 cups, allow about 45 seconds per cup (50 cups - about 40 minutes, 100 cups - about 1 hour and 15 minutes).

What are the amps, watts and volts of my urn? 22 to 42 Cup Urn 10 AMPS 1090 WATTS 120 VOLTS 55 to 100 Cup Urn 14 AMPS 1500 WATTS 120 VOLTS 55 Cup Stainless Steel Urn 10 AMPS 1090 WATTS 120 VOLTS

Do I need to use a filter in my urn? Paper filters are not necessary in the large capacity coffee makers as the bottom of all baskets are designed with a built-in filter. If you prefer to use a paper filter, you can, just be sure it fits into the bottom of the basket. Measure bottom diameter of basket to ensure proper fit.

Can apple cider, hot chocolate, tea or hot beverages be made in coffee makers? No. The coffee makers should only be used to brew coffee or heat water for instant beverages. Preparing other hot beverages such as apple cider, hot chocolate or tea can damage the heating unit and voids the warranty.

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Do I need the stem and empty coffee basket? We recommend that the stem and empty coffee basket be used when heating water as these parts ensure even heating of the water. If these parts are not used, the coffee maker will be noisier during use and the water may not be heated as hot as it should be to dissolve instant powders or make hot tea.


Classic Style Model 33600 Urn
Brew 40-100 Cups
Model 33600 Coffee maker
100 Cup Model (33600)
Now Available!

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The 33600 polished aluminum urn is designed for buffet tables, offices, churches, break rooms, lounges and cafés. These metal urns also feature rubber feet for non-slipping, auto temperature control and a quick reference instructions panel.

  • 110/120 Volt
  • 1500 Watts - 12.5 Amps
  • 100 Cup - 16 Liter capacity
  • Polished aluminum exterior
  • Commercially rated
  • All metal construction
  • 3-Prong grounded cord
  • Cleaning tool included
  • Signal light and On/Off switch
  • Non-drip faucet
  • cULus and NSF approved
  • 1 year warranty

Carton Details: Pack Qty 1 | Weight 10.0 lbs. / 4.5 kg. | Cube 2.36
Carton Dimensions: L14.3 x W14.3 x H19.9 in.

  • 12# Ship wt.
  • 75 Minute brew time

: All capacities shown for Coffee Urns are based on 5 Oz. Cups

Regal Ware commercial coffee urns
 Regalware Stainless Steel Coffee Urns (Commercial Coffee Makers)

Click on Item Number for More Details

55 Cup Stainless Steel Coffee Urn
MODEL # K1355

Retired Model

The K1355 series stainless steel (Retired Model) urn is fast - Brewing 55 cups in less than a minute per cup! These metal urns also feature mug clearance and dual thermostats for durability and optimum coffee serving temperature. These coffee urns are ideal for caterers, restaurants, schools, hospitals, nursing homes, offices and shops.

  • Holds perfectly brewed coffee at the proper serving temperature
  • Brews 55 cups in less than 1 minute per cup
  • Cup capacity is based on 5 oz. cup
  • Non-drip faucet allows mug clearance
  • Twist-to-secure cover
  • Heat resistant handles and knob
  • Interior water level markings
  • Cleaning tool included
  • 110-120v/60hz/1-ph
  • Made in U.S.A.

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