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Duke Manufacturing Aeorohot Models
  • Stainless Steel Steam Tables (Hot Food Warmers) by Duke Manufacturing
  • Stainless steel sealed wells
  • Individual drains and drain valves
  • Stainless steel top, sides, legs and undershelf
Hot Food Units - Electric Sealed Wells   Hot Food Units - Electric Sealed Wells - Portable
Model Description Price
E302SW 2 pans
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E303SW 3 pans
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E304SW 4 pans
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E305SW 5 pans
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Model Description Price
EP302SW 2 pans
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EP303SW 3 pans
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EP304SW 4 pans
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EP305SW 5 pans
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Hot Food Units - Electric Exposed Elements   Hot Food Units - Gas Wet Bath
Model Description Price
E302 2 pans
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E303 3 pans
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E304 4 pans
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E305 5 pans
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Model Description Price
WB302 2 pans
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WB303 3 pans
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WB304 4 pans
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WB305 5 pans
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Gas Wet Bath

  • All stainless steel bodies, undershelves, legs & adjustable plastic feet
    1/2" thick poly carving board on stainless steel support shelf
  • 1/2" IPS gas connector and gas regulator
  • Specify natural gas or propane. Units on legs only.

Aerohot Options

  • 1000 watt elements (not avail. on 5 section, 120v) $34.00
  • Stainless steel liner in lieu of galvanized $35.00
  • 3 phase wiring $145.00

Aerohot Steam Tables

Aerohot Steamtables offer both efficiency and economy, and are available in many sizes with a variety of standard and optional features.  All units, with the exception of gas, shall be available with adjustable feet or on 5" casters.  All units are constructed with stainless steel bodies, legs and undershelves.  They have 7" wide poly carving boards on stainless bases with stainless brackets.Electric models are available with exposed or sealed wells, and can be ordered in 2, 3, 4 or 5 well configurations.  The sealed wells are made of stainless steel and the 750 watt heating elements are located under the liner pan for both wet or dry operation.  Each well has an individual drain valve and infinite switch.  A 6' cord and plug are supplied.

Exposed element units have die-formed, 8" deep galvanized liners in each compartment for dry operation only.  A stainless liner is available as an option can operate wet with optional spillage pans.

All electric units are available in portable or stationary designs.

Gas models are made for either natural or propane.  The openings are die-formed with 8" galvanized liners.  Spillage pans are to be used when water is needed for holding foods.  Each compartment burner is rated at 3500 BTU per hour per well.  There is an adjustable gas valve with pilot light controls for each burner.  A galvanized steel radiation plate is provided in each compartment, as well as one gas pressure regulator in each unit.

Duke Manufacturing Thurmaduke Models
  • 300 Series stainless steel top with integral carving/work surface 444 dish shelf included
  • Wired for 120,208 or 240 volt, single or three-phase wiring, as specified
  • Heavy gauge stainless or paint grip body
  • Powder coat paint optional (see EconoMates section for colors)
  • Thermostatic temperature control for Electric Units Only
Hot Food Units - Deluxe - Paint Grip Bodies
Model   Description Price
Electric Gas    
E-2-DLPG G-2-DLPG 2 wells
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E-3-DLPG G-3-DLPG 3 wells
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E-4-DLPG G-4-DLPG 4 wells
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E-5-DLPG G-5-DLPG 5 wells
E-6-DLPG G-6-DLPG 6 wells
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Thurmaduke Hot Food Units

The original steamtable, Thurmaduke is constructed of only the finest material. 
Along with Aerohot Steamtables, Duke offers the most complete line of steamtables and complementary equipment in the industry.

Thurmaduke Steamtables have 16 gauge, 300 Series stainless steel tops with die-stamped openings.  The units can be ordered with 2-, 3-, 4-, 5-, or 6-wells
(Portable units not available in 2-well models).  For electric units, each sealed well, which is 6-1/2" deep, has one 750 watt element under the compartment, with a drain.  Drains have copper tube manifolds and one brass master valve.  There is a Robertshaw thermostat with indicator light and the complete unit is wired to a master toggle switch with indicator. Gas units have individual burners for each compartment, rated at 3500 BTU per well for propane.  Each burner is controlled by an adjustable valve with safety pilot light with ceramic tip.  Galvanized steel radiation plates are furnished for each compartment, with a gas pressure regulator provided for each unit to control flame height. Gas units have 8" deep liners which are die-formed and fabricated of stainless steel.

The bodies of Thurmaduke Steamtables are constructed of heavy gauge 300 Series stainless or paint-grip steel, with choice of standard powder coat paint colors.  End panels are die-stamped with square corners with the side opposite the operator fully enclosed.  Thurmaduke units have a bottom shelf of heavy gauge steel, same as body panels, with edges flanged down at the back and ends.  Thurmaduke units come standard on 6" stainless steel legs, which are adjustable to 7-1/4".

Portable Thurmaduke Steamtables are available in electric only, and come with a 10" wide, heavy gauge stainless steel carving surface which is mounted on stainless steel drop-type brackets on the operator's side.  Matching steel sliding doors enclose operator's side.  Matching steel sliding doors enclose operator's side.  A 6' heavy duty cord and plug is permanently attached to the right side of the unit on the inside.  An 8-1/2" pusher bar is attached to the end panel on operator's right end.  There is a heavy-duty polyvinyl bumper that extends 2-1/2" from the body and shall encircle the base of the unit.  The bumper is mounted on a 14 gauge stainless steel channel frame.  The portable Thurmaduke is mounted on 5" diameter casters, two (2) with locks.

Stainless Steel Food Service Pan
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Spillage Pans

Spillage Pans from Update
12 1/16" x 20 1/16" x 6 1/2"
#AWP-S Aluminum $39.00 ea
Stainless $59.00 ea


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