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Scotsman Ice Machines Scotsman Ice Equipment
Innovating Ice Machines, Reinventing Ice. Since 1950

Every ice machine is designed, engineered and assembled in
Scotsman’s state-of-the-art facility in Fairfax, South Carolina.
Our award-winning facility is ISO9001-2015 certified to help ensure every machine is built to last.

Our Ice Experts pair smart
engineering with advanced
research and development
to provide customers with the
best machines - and the best ice.

Upon its introduction, our Prodigy®
cuber was presented the Kitchen
Innovations Award by the National
Restaurant Association, recognizing
Prodigy ice machines as one of the
most innovative products in the
world. And in order to make sure that you efficiently get the ice your facility needs, our Ice Experts quality check every machine 100% before it goes out the door.
Choose the machine, and the ice, that is right for your operation.

Our ice form offering includes cubes, flakes, gourmet and nuggets, The Original Chewable Ice®.

All of our ice is crystal-clear, odorless and tasteless, and each form delivers
customer satisfaction and growth for your business.

When selecting the ideal ice machine for your operation, it’s essential to consider the amount and type of ice that best suit your needs. From cubes to flakes to nuggets, and from
small-volume machines to high-capacity models, Scotsman has you covered.

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Please Contact Us for More Information on current Scotsman models and Special Pricing on all Scotsman Ice Equipment


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