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Town Food Service Equipment
Town Food Service Equipment: Rice Cookers, Wok Ranges, Wok Kit New!
Steamers, Mongolian Barbeque, Skimmers, etc.
Towel Steamers  
28502 2 compartment towel steamer
Item # 28502 shown above
The Waterless Towel Steamer-Warmer is an insulated cabinet designed to warm pre-moistened towels or towelettes to an invigorating and cleansing temperature between 150° - 184° F. Each unit includes one or two (depending on compartment size) stainless steel shelves.

Stainless steel interior. Hinged door seals to the body with a magnetic gasket. Top control panel has an on/off toggle switch. Automatic temperature control.

Hot moist towels are customary at restaurants in Asia. They are also popular with barber shops. Hot towels send patrons a message of better service and higher standards.

Place Moistened towels inside and close the door. Controlled heating elements within the insulated cabinet heat the towels.

Please Contact us if you have any questions or need assistance in placing your order for Town Food Service Equipment 1-877-386-7766
28501 towel steamer cabinet

Item # 28501 shown above
Model Capacity Dimensions Temperature amps voltage weight Price
28501 80 towels 16" x 18" x 11-1/2" 150° - 184°
(65° - 85°)
1.7 120v 18 lbs. $212.00
28502 160 towels 16" x 18" x 20" 3.4 120v 27 lbs. $375.00

Rice Cookers (Electric and Gas)

You can really "Go To Town" with our offerings from Town Food Service Equipment.

Electric Rice Cookers:
(see below)
56822  25 Cups, 120v
56824  25 Cups, 230v
57137  37 Cups, 120v
57138  37 Cups, 230v
57155  55 Cups, 230v

Electric Rice Cookers

cooked rice capacity
120 volt
25 Cup
230 volt
25 Cup
120 volt
37 Cup
230 volt
37 Cup
230 volt
55 Cup
16" steamer adapter
Electric Rice Cookers:
models (l-r): 57155, 57137, 56822  
56822  25 Cups, 120v
56824  25 Cups, 230v
57137  37 Cups, 120v
57138  37 Cups, 230v
57155  55 Cups, 230v

Electronic controls and sensors replace manual switches. Customers report better rice quality and more dependable performance.


  • " Electronic Cook and Hold
  • " On/Off Touch Switch with power indicator
  • " Auto reset overheat protection
  • " Dent resistant 1/8" thick rice pot
  • " Three capacities: 25, 37, and 55 cup
  • " NSF listed for cook and hold
  • " Can be used with steamers
  • " Two Year Limited Warranty
  • Please call for assistance with any Town Asian Food Service Equipment products 1-877-386-7766 (1-877-DVORSON)


The electronic control is water resistant. Separate sensors regulate the cook and hold cycles giving precise temperature control. 

This is a field tested rice cooker that has brought unsolicited praise from users. It will cook different kinds of rice: long grain, short grain, sushi, brown, Basmati, Texmati, etc. with good results.

Other Uses
The Owner's Manual includes recipes for Rice Pilaf and Jambalaya. 
Replacement Rice Pots
56844 25 cup replacement rice pot
5 lb
57139 37 cup replacement rice pot
6 lb
57155P 55 cup replacement rice pot
9 lb

Additional features include a stainless steel cover, oil/water/grease resistant 14 gauge 3 wire electric power cord, rice cup and paddle. 

Stainless Steel Electronic 
57130  30 Cups, 120v
57131  30 Cups, 230v
Cook and serve from the same unit. Automatically cooks rice to perfection and keeps it hot for serving. The insulated double wall body has heating elements to more evenly warm rice than a bottom heat only rice cooker. The hinged, heated cover reduces heat loss.The attractive stainless steel exterior is easy to clean. Made by Town in the USA with industrial components.
" Electronic Cook and Hold
" Touch controls
" Auto reset overheat protection
" 1/8" thick rice pot
" On/Off Touch Switch with power indicator
" NSF listed for cook and hold.
" Two Year Limited Warranty
Additional features include cook and hold lights,  condensate collector, vented cover, silicon rubber cover gasket, oil/water/grease resistant 14 gauge 3 wire electric power cord, rice cup, and paddle. This RiceMaster will cook different kinds of rice. Our Owner s Manual provides a good guide. With practice, you will perfect the correct proportions of rice to water for your preferred type of rice. 

Steamed rice is only the beginning
Included in the manual are recipes for rice: Rice Pilaf, Jambalaya, Sweet Rice and Mexican Rice. 
30 cups, 120 volt
24 lbs.
30 cups, 230 volt
30 cup replacement pot
5 lbs.
Please Call for price on this item


Please Contact us if you have any questions or need assistance in placing your order for Town Food Service Equipment 1-877-386-7766
Gas Rice Cookers:

Click for large view

RiceMaster Gas Rice Cookers with safety control
55 Cup capacity
(cooked rice)

Gas Type
Natural Gas
Natural Gas
3/8" gas connection, 25,000 BTU, 43 lbs. 17" x 19" x 23"
A economical large capacity gas rice cooker with all features including 100% gas safety shut off.
For those areas requiring gas appliances with safety controls but not an NSF or AGA listing, this is the ideal unit.
Standard Piezo pilot ignition system lights constantly burning pilot. The pilot lights the main burner and keeps cooked rice hot for serving.
Unit comes with measuring cup.
RM-50N  55 cup Natural Gas
RM-50P  55 cup Propane Gas
The RM-50 is an extremely reliable automatic gas rice cooker. The bimetallic temperature sensor mounted in the base of the rice pot provides optimum temperature accuracy. The pilot burner keeps rice hot after cooking has completed. The thick cast aluminum rice pot conducts heat to help rice cook evenly. The rice pot has plated steel drop handles that remain sufficiently cool to touch when the unit is in use. The stainless steel cover has a durable bakelite handle.
How to Cook Rice
Cooking rice is easy. Rinse the rice until the wash water becomes clear; about five water changes are sufficient. The rice pot may be used as the rinsing vessel. Cover the raw rice in the pot with approximately 1" of water. Put the stainless steel cover on the rice pot and place the pot in the unit.
Push the Start button at left and the Piezo ignition lights the pilot burner. After pilot ignition is verified through the jacket window, push the right button labeled "Cook" to start cooking. The right button will not depress unless the red pilot burner button is depressed and visible below the Start button at left. 
Good Rice is Cured Rice
 The unit automatically stops cooking when the rice has absorbed the water, after about 22 minutes. Wait ten minutes to let the rice cure.
Measuring cup included.  Not NSF or ETL listed.  Six month warranty (page 124). 
model type wt.
RM-50N 55 cups, Natural Gas 44 lbs.
RM-50P 55 cups, Propane Gas
56853 55 cup replacement pot 15 lbs.

Please Contact us if you have any questions or need assistance in placing your order for Town Food Service Equipment 1-877-386-7766

Electric  Junior
56816  10 Cups, 120v
Traditional design rice cooker for household use only.  Not ETL or NSF listed. Not recommended for commercial use.

  • Automatic Cook and Hold
  • Push button cook switch
  • Cook and Hold Power indicators
  • Uncoated aluminum pot
  • Stainless steel cover
  • Measuring cup
  • Rice paddle
  • Six month Warranty

Electric  Junior
56810  10 Cups, 120v
Insulated body rice cooker that also serves as a rice warmer. For household use only. Not ETL or NSF listed. Not recommended for commercial use.

  • Automatic Cook and Hold
  • Push button cook switch
  • Cook and Hold Power indicators
  • Teflon coated aluminum pot
  • Hinged cover with sealing inner lid
  • Plastic steamer insert
  • Condensate collector
  • Measuring cup
  • Rice paddle
  • Six month Warranty
no. watts volts amps
raw rice        cooked rice
diam x height
net wt
28 min
3¼ lbs
7 lbs
10½" x 10¼" 
6 lb
34 min
3¼ lbs
7 lbs
11½" x 11¼"
8 lb
no. cap (cups) carton size cu ft units/carton ship wt
cord length    
12½" x 24" x 22½"
24 lb
12½" x 25" x 24¼"
32 lb
beige w/ design
* for better rice, allow 10 additional minutes for rice to cure after cooking     13" with handles

Please Contact us if you have any questions or need assistance in placing your order for Town Food Service Equipment 1-877-386-7766

Rice Warmers:

Manufactured in the USA by Town. Rice is kept hot for serving for up to 12 hours. Hinged lid seals on to a removable teflon coated aluminum pot that fits neatly into the rice warmer body. Rice is maintained at 150F. Efficient 100 watt elements housed within the insulated body are thermostatically controlled to insure minimal power consumption. Dimensions: 18" in diameter x 15.25" high. Six month warranty.

Ranges, Woks, Mongolian Barbeques, Steamers

Mongolian Barbeques
36" with scrap chute

All units are 54"w x 37" h with cold rolled steel top cooking surface and scrap chute.

36" cooking surface
42" cooking surface
48" cooking surface
60" cooking surface
72" cooking surface
84" cooking surface

Contact us for pricing on chute top sizes.

# 224800 Wok Cart
Range size*: 36" w x 24" d x 36" h *plus handle

weight 230 lbs.

Wok Cart
A mobile range for preparation of Chinese cuisine. If your facility hosts theme evenings, this range will be the centerpiece of your Asian function. This Wok Cart has an 18 gauge stainless steel body and 14 gauge reinforced stainless steel top. The 13" cast iron Chamber Ring accomodates 14"-16" woks. Body fitted with tubular stainless push handle. Fiber ceramic chamber insulation. 25# propane cylinder (not included) fits provided holder and hose with pressure regulator. Select any high performance (page 3) burner for a 13" chamber. Safety pilot system and casters included. Shipped crated.

Wok Cart
Chinese Ranges Cheung Fun Noodle Range
Removable perforated aluminum steaming plates with stainless steel domed covers are mounted in a frame over a 14 gauge stainless water tank with cast iron burner deflectors.  Tank fill faucet is provided.

Rectangular chamber is heated by a two ring burner for each section.  Burner safety controls, stainless deck, and manual fill faucet are standard.

Sizes: one sect:  24" w x 43" d x 32" working ht
 two sect:  40" w x 43" d x 32" working ht
Steaming plate size: 17" x 26"
Steaming area: 13½" x 19"
1¼" gas, left rear, 19" up
½" cold water, left rear, 21" up

1 sect. Cheung Fun Steamer
400 lbs.
2  sect. Cheung Fun Steamer
650 lbs.

Steamer Range and Cabinet

A two compartment steamer, each compartment is 12" high with two removable perforated shelves, is mounted on a 14 gauge stainless water tank with burner deflectors.  Cabinet is fully welded.  Doors are double wall insulated with stainless steel hinges and positive latching hardware.  Filler, overflow and drain included.  Stainless steel construction.

Range is YF-1-SS with rectangular chamber, 32 tip Jet Burner, safety control, stainless deck, manual fill faucet, and 1½" drain at rear.  This unit is for steaming whole fish, tureens of soup and other dishes.

Range size: 36" w x 41" d x 32" working height
Steamer cabinet sizes:  21" w x 32" d x 31" h
Steamer shelf size: 14" x 22"
1¼" gas, 100,000 Btu, left rear, 17" up
½" cold water, right rear, 19" up

YF-STMR-SS 2 compartment steamer
Please Contact us if you have any questions or need assistance in placing your order for Town Food Service Equipment 1-877-386-7766

Skimmers & Smallwares    



Pu-Pu Platters


Trays & Placemats

Table Service

Tea & Beverage

Kitchen to Table

Scoops, Paddles, Spoons



Tools & Utensils


Wok Tools

Wok Accessories

Chinese Utensils

Skimmers, Strainers & Baskets

Colanders & Containers

Egg Roll Equip

Fry Pans

Alum. Utensils




Extra Fine Round & Square Skimmers
Extra fine strainers clean crumbs from frying oil in woks. Fine or extra fine mesh as the application demands. Square skimmer for frying applications. All in 18-8 stainless steel.
no. skimmer
mesh handle
pack wt.
42416F 6" diam ex. fine 9½" 1 dzn. 3¼ lb
42416C 6" diam fine 9½" 1 dzn. 3½ lb.
42417F 7" diam ex. fine 10" 1 dzn. 2½ lb.
42417C 7" diam fine 10¼" 1 dzn. 2½ lb.
42456S 5" x 5¾" fine 12" 1 dzn. 5¼ lb.

Double Mesh Stainless Steel Bowl Strainers
These deep double mesh strainers are durable and reasonably priced. Why pay more? 18-8 stainless with strong frames supporting two layers of mesh: coarse for strength, fine for straining. Lacquered wood handle.

no. bowl
diam x depth
pack wt.
42406-S 6¼" x 2½" 6¼" 1 dzn. 4½ lb.
42408-S 8" x 3½" 6¼" 1 dzn. 7 lb
42410-S 10 3/8" x 4¼" 10¾" 1 dzn. 12 lb
42414-S 14" x 6 3/8" 17½" 1 dzn. 34 lb

Noodle Skimmers
Stainless steel skimmers specifically designed to cook noodles. Often used with our Blanching pots. See page 116.


Bird's Nest Maker
Make bird's nests easily. Put uncooked noodles or shreaded raw potato in the bottom half of this hinged stainless steel skimmer, close the upper and fry to make golden brown bird's nests.

no. bowl
diam x depth
pack wt.
42615 5½" x 4¼" 12¼" bamboo ea 1 lb.
42616 5½" x 5¾" 9½" wood ea 1 lb.
42527 7" diam 10¾" stainless ea 1 lb.


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