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Matfer Food Mills

  Known in France as a moulin a' le'gumes, this classic low-tech tool treats food more gently than food processors. It purees and strains ingredients at the same time, producing a perfectly smooth, even texture. When you turn the crank, a rotating blade pushes foods through a perforated disk into a bowl, leaving unwanted fibers and particles behind. Cooks make the most of autumn's root vegetables by using a manual food mill to create flavorful purees - the perfect accompaniment to roasted poultry and meats.  

Food Mill

Equipped with 3 interchangeable grids of fine, medium and large grind. To puree cooked vegetables. Capacity; 2.2 to 3.3 lb. per minute. Fits on any pan or bowl with a diameter of 7" or larger.
Diameter 12 1/4"

Tin - Plate Model

Stainless Steel Model

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Food Mill

Made with a system of double milling on the bottom and sides. Capacity 8 quarts, produces 10 lbs per minute, fits on any pan or bowl with a diameter of 10 1/4" to 24". Diameter 14 1/4". Tin - plate model comes with a 1/16 basket-shaped grid. Stainless steel model comes with a 1/8 basket-shaped grid.

For Tin Model #M530
$56.00 M5010 Grid 3/64", 1mm
$56.00 M5015 Grid 1/16", 1.5mm
$56.00 M5020 Grid 3/31", 2mm
$56.00 M5030 Grid 1/8", 3mm
$56.00 M5040 Grid 3/16", 4mm

For Stainless Steel Model #X530
$94.50 X5010 Grid 3/64"
$81.00 X5015 Grid 1/16"
$81.00 X5020 Grid 3/31"
$81.00 X5030 Grid 1/8"

Tin - Plate

#X530 Stainless Steel

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MAT112420.gif (12620 bytes)

Stainless Steel Food Mill

Diameter 5" with 2 cutting plates



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