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Signs, Letter Boards, & Menu Board Systems by International Patterns

International Patterns has the expertise to provide the perfect menu board system. Whether for a single cafe or a nationwide chain, there is a solution that's custom tailored to suit your needs.

Menu Boards: International Patterns (I.P.) offers a nearly infinite configuration of menu board systems for the smallest pizzeria to national chains. Even the smallest clients receive the fullest attention and design resources. Engineered to be flexible yet enduring, your search ends here if you're seeking the perfect menu board system.
Delivered Ready To Go: Your menu system will be delivered completely assembled, ready for installation.

Perhaps the most important feature of an International Patterns Menu Board System is the free, no-obligation design service. Artists take your menu, products, logos and decor into account and generate a unique graphic look. I.P. sweats all the details until you approve the final design. Here are some other features:


[Slope System]

Slope System: Change your item strips in seconds without removing any part of the menu board. The "sloped" ends of the menu board effortlessly guide strips on and off. Anyone can do it. Face-Off System: Easy transparency changes: Lift the cover to remove or insert a transparency. Close the cover to lock the transparency in place. No tools or board disassembly required.

[Face-off System]

[Lift Drop System]

Lift & Drop System: Replacing the bulbs in your menu board system has never been easier. You simply lift to remove the whole face. When you're done, you place the face in and let it drop.
It's fast, simple and easy.

[Price Carrier System]

Price Carrier System: The carrier makes for fast and easy price changes. Slide out the carrier, make your price change, then pop it back into position.

Grab & Lift a Strip
Chassis and frames made from extruded aluminum, powder coated for long life.
  • Acrylic sign faces, with product strips printed on durable Lexan.
  • Fluorescent illumination. Highly visible, even lighting.
  • U.L. listed for your assurance of proper construction standards.

Delivered Ready To Go: Your menu system will be delivered completely assembled, ready for installation.

Hook a Strip

Features of the Non-Illuminated, Magnetic Board Systems: Below are some features that are specific to I.P. magnetic menu board systems.

  • Magnetic Strips: I.P. made the removal of your item and price strips the easiest-to-use system in the industry. Use the “hook” tool (provided with your system) to start the strip removal then grab it with your fingertips. It's so simple.
  • Changeable Price System: I.P. supplies you with a large sheet of magnetic numbers. You create your prices by placing the single digits on the magnetic board. Price changes take seconds to complete.
  • Upgrade Program: Your menu system is not cast in stone. I.P is always available to help you update and revise your menu system with new item strips as often as you require. From 6 days to 6 years later, I.P. creates new strips in the right typestyle, size and color, all for a nominal charge.

Sample Signs:

Below: Three 24 w x 36 h Illuminated modules

  Signature Menu Board

Below: six 24 w x 20 h Illuminated modules


Below: Two 24 w x 36 h Illuminated modules

  Menu Board 2 Modules

Below: Five 24 w x 36 h Illuminated modules

  Menu Board 5 Modules

Below: Four 24 w x 36 h Illuminated modules

  Menu Board 4 Modules

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